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About the Fund

The Stantec Better Together Fund was created to help Charitable Class members who are in need of immediate financial assistance following an unforeseen disaster or personal hardship. The Fund relies on support from the sponsoring organization (Stantec) and individual donations made by Stantec's partners, employees, and/or the general public. Every donation makes a difference, no matter the amount, and combined with the donations of others, helps to provide grants when they are needed most.

Make a Donation

Donations to the Fund can be made as one-time gifts or recurring periodic contributions. Various donation methods are available via the Donate button(s) below.

To set up or change a payroll deduction donation, click the Payroll Deduction button below. Deductions may take up to two pay periods to take effect (or to be stopped/changed).

To make a donation using your Credit Card, Debit Card or other available options click here.

All donations to the Fund at Emergency Assistance Foundation Canada (EAF Canada) are entitled to a tax credit in Canada. EAF Canada is a registered charity with business number 790145668RR0001.

Apply for a grant

If you are experiencing a personal hardship or the effects of a qualified disaster you can apply for a grant for financial assistance. Please read the Application FAQ to see if you qualify.

This application is for Canadian residents only. Please visit if you are not a Canadian resident.

Emergency Assistance Foundation Canada independently administers all Fund activities and assists applicants with their grant applications when needed. The sponsoring organization (Stantec) has no visibility into individual applications or grants unless an applicant opts in to share certain details under specific circumstances.